Deal With The Devil

from by Hazzerd

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3rd Single from Victimize The Innocent EP

Drums/Vocals: Dylan Westendorp
Guitars: Brendan Malycky
Solos: Kerry P
Bass:Brendan Malycky


Lyrics By: Malycky/Craig

Verse 1:
Creeping through alleys he lurks through the night
You better beware you stay our of his sight

Once you've been spotted there's no guarantee
that you will return to your sanctuary

Once was a christian but one faithful night
he was bludgeoned with hammers and cut with a knife

Deal with the devil he final plea
reborn with vengeance towards humanity!

Chorus X2:
RAPING The Women and
KILLING The Men Spreading his evil the devils command

Verse 2:
Sent on a mission to strangle and slay
The blood is now spilling as you taste the blade

Terrible crimes are his specialty
Serial killing his morbid disease

Fear spread through cites hes still running free
He doesn't feel pity is he crazy?

Hidden below devising foul plots
Nobody Knows if he'll ever be caught !

Chorus X2:
RAPING the women and
KILLING the men spreading his evil the devils

Lucifer's puppet he's not insane
A deal with the devil to spread terror and pain

Mangling and Raping his fiendish game
Now he's hell bound through fire and flame

Taking to prison to rot in his cell
the devil is waiting to drag him to hell

off to the chair its reckoning day
Satan has come your soul will now pay !


from Victimize The Innocent, track released September 3, 2014
Brendan M
Dylan W
Kerry P



all rights reserved


Hazzerd Calgary, Alberta

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